Teltonika FMB001

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2G tracker with OBD & OBD OEM data reading



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FMB001 is an advanced real-time tracking terminal with GNSS, GSM, Bluetooth, K-Line (OBD II) connectivity. The tracker is reading standard OBD data like mileage, RPM, fuel level, speed, pedal position, VIN or fault codes. Bluetooth LE-based wireless connection of external devices, including Low Energy beacons and sensors, to monitor temperature, humidity, magnet detection, and movement. Simply plug the device in OBD-II port and start tracking. An Optional OBD Power Cable is not included.
  • FMB001 connects directly to car OBDII connector and is able to read up to 32 vehicle onboard parameters.
  • Integrated Bluetooth enables wireless headset and various other Bluetooth sensors connectivity.
  • Simply connect your device to configurator via Bluetooth.
  • FMB001 will store all data in micro SD card when driving in areas where GSM is not available.
  • Prevent your vehicle from theft with advanced anti theft functionality.
  • Combine Auto Geofencing with new Towing detection functionality.
  • Ensure safety of Your employee with smart Crash detection, get alarm message immediately after accident.
Worldwide version. 2G (GSM): B2, B3, B5, B8. Please check if 2G is supported in your country before order.

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