Anti-Noise Shield for MikroTik LHG

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Anti-noise shield for Mikrotik LHG-series. Provides extra protection against difficult weather conditions like dust, snow, rain frost and others. The set consists of two parts: back and front cover. The back cover is made from aluminium and protects the wireless set against interference from devices behind the antenna. Front cover made from UV-resistant ABS acts like radome-reduces wind load and protects against dust, snow, hail and other environmental factors that may damage the antenna or affect the performance.
  • improves signal quality
  • protects against snow, hail, rain, frost and other
  • reduces interference from devices mounted behind the wireless set
  • reduces wind load
  • fits all LHG models with 391 mm diameter dish
The set does not include the dedicated LHG precision holder shown in the picture.

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