Pigtails for MikroTik

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What are Pigtail connectors for?

A pigtail connector is used to connect two or more devices together. Just like any other wire, it has to be sturdy and reliable. Pigtail connectors are usually used to connect antennas and have to be weatherproof and able to withstand the adverse weather elements outside. Our cables have been made for both indoor and outdoor use and are perfect for connecting your valuable equipment. Our pigtail connectors are fast data conductors which are stable, flexible, and extremely easy to work with.

Pigtails for MikroTik equipment

Since silver and copper are the best elements for conducting electricity, most of our pigtail connectors are silver-plated for the maximum possible conductivity. Silver and copper are also a lot less prone to corrosion and will last you a long time compared to any other alternatives. These silver-plated copper pigtail connectors are normally used to connect antennas and other equipment, and our extensive range of MikroTik pigtails was designed for exactly that - connect MikroTik equipment for the ultimate network reliability.