Rack Shelf Regulated 19" 1U 350mm Black

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Rack Shelf Regulated 19" 1U 350mm Black



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Adjustable shelf for server cabinets

The adjustable shelf is adapted for the installation of devices without RACK brackets and other electrical devices in the 19" standard. Designed for installation in ICT cabinets. Four-point mounting to RACK mounting rails ensures stability. Easy depth adjustment - up to 160 mm - increases the possibility of using various configurations in server cabinets. Mounting rails allow for adjustment in the range of 160 mm.
The bottom of the adjustable shelf is perforated, which ensures adequate air outflow needed for the proper operation of the devices. In addition, the holes can be used as additional protection for the wiring with cable ties.
Stalflex pays special attention to the solid, safe and aesthetic packaging of all their products. That is why, in order to minimize the risk of damage to the parcel during transport, each product is carefully packed in a dedicated box made of strong, three-layer cardboard.

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