Ubiquiti Power Adapter POE-48-24W

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The Ubiquiti POE-48-24W is a high-powered Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapter specifically designed to facilitate the efficient delivery of both power and data through a single Ethernet cable to network devices. This adapter is ideal for Ubiquiti equipment and other compatible network devices that require a higher voltage, supporting the demands of advanced network applications with a 48V DC power output.
  • Surge protection
  • Clamping protection
  • Maximum surge discharge
  • Peak pulse current
  • AC cable with earth ground
Compact and built with a durable exterior, the POE-48-24W is engineered to be unobtrusive and easy to install in a variety of environments. Its lightweight design makes it simple to mount or place in locations where space is at a premium, yet it remains robust enough to withstand regular usage without physical degradation. Moreover, the POE-48-24W includes advanced safety features such as surge protection and overcurrent protection. These are critical for protecting both the PoE adapter and the connected network devices from unexpected electrical surges or overloading conditions, thereby ensuring continued operation and longevity of the network infrastructure.
This PoE adapter meets rigorous international safety and operational standards, being certified by CE, FCC, IC, and UL. These certifications demonstrate the adapter's compliance with health, safety, and environmental protection standards, making it a reliable choice for deployment in a variety of commercial and residential settings.

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