Surveillance HDD

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Industrial-grade 3.5" 8TB HDD
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Seagate SkyHawk HDD 6TB 5400rpm 256MB
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Why Seagate hard drive is one of the best choices for NVR storage

Seagate has been dominating the world’s data storage market ever since it developed its first hard drive, back in the 1980s. Industry-leading design and manufacturing capabilities have provided modern, application-specific data storage solutions, in turn helping them build a worldwide reputation for making reliable, superior-quality hard drives. Throughout the years of technological innovation, Seagate has established a long list of well-developed data storage products by combining high data density, state-of-the-art design, data safety, and high read and write speeds.

Seagate’s SkyHawk series HDD

Specifically designed for video surveillance systems or NVRs, these Seagate SkyHawk series provide a high-quality, top-tier data storage solution for the modern-age video surveillance industry. Designed for maximum stability and efficiency, these hard drives are able to support up to 64 cameras and feature advanced firmware which provides a seamless video capture at all times. Together, all of these characteristics make Seagate HDDs the most advanced and flexible storage solutions available on the market today.