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Switch Mission Critical
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Switch Mission Critical

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Ethernet Surge Protector
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Reliable Ubiquiti Power Solutions at Getic

Getic offers a robust selection of Ubiquiti Power Tech products tailored to meet various networking requirements. From the dependable Ethernet Surge Protector to the versatile USW-Mission-Critical switch, our inventory caters to both professional and personal use. Ensure your network's resilience against power issues with our carefully curated products, available with fast and secure delivery options. Browse through our selection to find the right solutions for maintaining robust and secure network operations.

Selecting the right Ubiquiti Power device for solutions to powering problems

Selecting the appropriate Ubiquiti power solution is crucial for ensuring network stability and performance. Begin by identifying the specific power requirements and vulnerabilities of your setup. For mission-critical operations, consider the USW-Mission-Critical switch, which offers robust reliability during outages. If your network is prone to electrical surges, the Ethernet Surge Protector is an ideal choice. Assess the operational environment and power conditions to match with Ubiquiti’s advanced features, ensuring your network remains secure and efficient. Explore our catalogue for detailed specifications and guidance on each product.