Teltonika Power Adapters

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Teltonika BAT120 Uninterruptable Power Supply
3 pcs in stock
Teltonika DIN Rail Power Supply 12V 20W 1.67A
4 pcs in stock
Teltonika EU Power Supply 2pin 9W
out of stock
Teltonika EU Power Supply 4pin 18W
40 pcs in stock
Teltonika EU Power Supply 4pin 9W
18 pcs in stock
Teltonika UK Power Supply 4pin 18W
34 pcs in stock
Teltonika UK Power Supply 4pin 9W
192 pcs in stock
Teltonika US Power Supply 4pin 9W
30 pcs in stock
Cable 4-pin Jack to DC Jack Socket, 10cm
266 pcs in stock

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How to choose the right power option in our store

It is very easy to get lost in the world of extensive power supply options, having different power AC DC inputs and outputs, amps, and other specifications might be quite a daunting process for a non-technical person. With our range of power adapters, all you have to do is match the description of the product to the description of the power supply or use our handy ‘related products’ section at the bottom of the screen. If you follow these steps, you can ensure you pick up a suitable power supply option for your product.

Power options from Teltonika Networks

From USB wall chargers to cigarette lighter power supply units with terminal blocks, we have all the necessary power supplies for our Teltonika products. Whilst they have been designed for perfect functionality with the dedicated Teltonika products, they can also be a great fit for any other technical equipment. These are high-quality power adapters designed and manufactured by Teltonika Networks and if you are a person who appreciates top-tier craftsmanship and reliability, you can rest assured that these power supplies will not let you down.