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Mikrotik’s own T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs

It’s no secret that Mikrotik is one of the best manufacturers in designing and producing top-tier equipment and software for the market of network technology. And just like most big technology companies nowadays, it has developed its own range of merchandise, including T-shirts and coffee mugs. So if you’re looking for accessories with a hint of MikroTik’s branding or maybe going to a conference, an event, or a training session, these MikroTik accessories will make a fine addition to your apparel.

MikroTik merchandise

Here in our GETIC shop, we have a selection of merchandise from MikroTik. So if you, just like us, are a die-hard fan of MikroTik’s products you can find a selection of different size MikroTiks T-shirts and other merchandise. Boasting a MikroTik logo at the front and at the back, these amazing T-Shirts are made from 100% cotton. If every once in a while you like to indulge yourself with a hot cup of tea or coffee, our MikroTik mug is a perfect little companion to help you get through your day with that much-needed caffeine fix.