Surveillance HDD

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Ubiquiti Industrial-grade 3.5" 8TB HDD
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Seagate SkyHawk HDD 6TB 5400rpm 256MB
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A good NVR HDD goes a long way

When it comes to your video surveillance system, it is of utmost importance to choose only the best quality hard drive. It’s the weakest link, since it’s the only mechanical device in the whole CCTV system. HDD undergoes a complex manufacturing process, and it may sometimes fail, making you lose all of your precious video data. If you do not ever want to go through this experience, take a look at our selection of industry-leading, tried and tested hard drives for your absolute peace of mind.

WD and Seagate HDDs for your data storage needs

Both Seagate and Western Digital have been in the HDD manufacturing market for a long time now, so at GETIC we can say with confidence that these products are one of the most reliable in the world of data storage today. Whatever setup you’re running, we have hard drives that can store high-quality video for months. Ranging from 1 TB to 8 TB, these hard drives provide plenty of space for your data and will make an excellent addition to your NVR or a personal computer.