Ubiquiti AirCube

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A cost-effective wireless access points

Looking for a premium access point for your house or office? Both Ubiquiti airCube options come with powerful antennas, modern security features, compact and attractive design, meaning they can be placed anywhere in the room providing a boost to your Wi-Fi signal. Both airCube models are high-performance home Wi-Fi access points made to interoperate with airMAX CPE devices, complemented by remote management with UISP. They also offer a PoE pass-through for a convenient power connection, as well as standard power supply options.

Which airCube is right for you?

Depending on your current situation you might want to consider airCube AC or airCube ISP or maybe even both. The main difference is ISP was designed with a smaller home scenario in mind, whereas the AC model is a more capable machine that supports a 5GHz radio, allowing for faster internet speeds, and is perfect if you have multiple devices connected to your network. Both come with intuitive software - a graphical user interface, allowing simple and quick network management for your convenience.