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Teltonika DualCam with SD cards
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Perfect surveillance gadgets for your fleet

In the modern world of video surveillance, vehicle cameras are perfect solutions for capturing videos and pictures of the events that might occur on the road. Usually mounted to the front window, these cameras are used to capture videos both before and after the events have taken place. Furthermore, it can take photos automatically or by request and send video data in real-time to a dedicated server if any live video surveillance is required. Able to detect unplugging, towing, and geo-fence, these cameras are saving both time and money for their users.

Teltonika DualCam for personal or business use

We are introducing a road and accident surveillance solution - Teltonika’s dual vehicle safety camera. While driving, this camera records and stores video data in its SD cards. As well as being able to record road traffic accidents, it is also able to detect inappropriate driving like hard braking and speeding and idle time spent whilst operating the vehicle. All of this makes it a perfect device for cutting down unproductive time and helping you get on the right track towards smoother, more efficient business operations.