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Teltonika TRM240 LTE Modem
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Teltonika TRM250 LTE Modem
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Best LTE modems from Teltonika Networks

Industrial cellular modems are the most cost-efficient and scalable products that are capable of providing a reliable connection in any industrial networking scenario. An abundance of legacy and Industrial IoT infrastructure products around the world requires a different approach to connectivity. That’s why our range of industrial modems from Teltonika Networks provides various cellular networking options, ranging from 2G to 4G and more. In this catalog, you will find that Teltonika modems are designed to meet the industrial networking problems head-on and connect your infrastructure with minimum effort.

TRM240 and TRM250 industrial modems

TRM240 and TRM250 are USB LTE Cat 1 modems that come with a tough housing and feature an external antenna that helps these modems cover a substantially larger signal area. This product is ideal for updating your existing industrial networking equipment with a more cost-effective LTE connectivity. Thanks to their rugged industrial-grade design, these modems feature an aluminum enclosure that provides a maximum level of durability even in the worst possible conditions. Both modems are backward compatible with 2G and 3G and will make a very sensible addition to your networking infrastructure.