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MikroTik GPeR-IP67-Case
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Enclosures for MikroTik RouterBoards

These enclosures were designed for a number of MikroTik RouterBoards. They feature a lightweight aluminum design and are intended for indoor use. CA150 is designed for RB450, RB450G, and RB850Gx2 RouterBoards. CA411-711 is designed to fit a number of different RouterBoard models and comes with interchangeable front panels to be used for the appropriate RouterBoard installed in the case. CA433U model was designed to fit RB433 and RBM33G models and is slightly higher than its predecessor, allowing you to fit more miniPCI card models.

A sturdy case for GPeR

Due to popular demand, MikroTik has created an outdoor case for its Gigabit Passive Ethernet Repeater. It’s a very affordable weatherproof enclosure, which is perfect for protecting your GPeR from dust and water. It was designed to be easy to mount on walls or poles. Rigorous testing revealed that in real life the enclosure actually has an IP68 rating with high protection from water ingress and dust particles. This outdoor enclosure is perfect for the GPeR to safely extend the Ethernet network into rough spaces like caves, maintenance shafts, oil rigs, or simply anywhere outdoors.