MikroTik Coaxial Cables

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Cable RPSMA Male / RPSMA Male 50cm - Flex-Guide
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The importance of having good quality cables

When building a network infrastructure, one part which sometimes gets left out or forgotten about is the importance of having good quality cables. The ever so growing use of technology in any enterprise comes with an increasing need for different cables and wires to deliver power and connectivity. When adequate consideration is not given to managing these issues, the end result is a mess of cables that are prone to wear and tear. This ultimately leads your business to lose operational efficiency.

Best cables for your equipment

These cables have been designed for MikroTik’s equipment and not only are they suited for MikroTik products, but they are also compatible with most other products available on the market today. These cables were designed and manufactured for the ultimate connection quality and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They provide superior loss values and matching, are flexible and tough, and are made with high-end connectivity in mind. The inner conductor is silver-plated copper, and both connectors are soldered and not crimped for the optimal signal quality.