MikroTik Data over Powerlines

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Internet via power cables

Thanks to these devices, it is now possible to transfer your broadband connection through existing power cables and share it wirelessly at the location of your choice. The MikroTik PWR-LINE series devices allow internet connectivity over regular power lines installed in your home or office. When plugged into the same electrical circuit, these devices will establish an internet connection by using the HomePlug AV standard. It really is a smart and cost-effective way to extend your internet connection, especially if you have thick walls or any other wireless interference affecting your Wi-Fi capabilities.

PWR- Line Pro for maximum speed 

PWR pro is the top-level product for faster power-line connection, which eliminates the need to rewire your house with LAN cables and features lightning-fast internet speeds. Most data over power lines would be capped at 100 Mbps, but with PWR-LINE PRO you can reach speeds up to 600 Mbps.  As long as you use the same electrical circuit, you can simply plug this device into your MikroTik router and another one further down in the place of yours and enjoy a fast wireless data connection streaming through your power cables at all times.