Ethernet Surge Protector 8P PoE Module Gigabit

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1Gbps Ethernet PoE Surge Protector Module SPG-8P



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The device allows the addition of PoE power in the UTP and FTP twisted pair, and at the same time provides effective protection of devices working in the Ethernet network against harmful electrostatic discharges and overvoltages.
It provides device protection - with a connection rate up to 1 Gbps inclusive - compatible with the PoE at/af standard, allowing you to select the A / B power supply method / options.
Protects each cable in a four-pair cable by discharging any load to the ground. It signals the selected power method with LEDs. It is an effective and cost-effective solution before the destruction or damage to protected devices.
Ethernet Surge Protector collects inductive loads in the network and safely leads them to ground, which effectively prevents damage caused by overvoltages. Do not give voltages to the "LAN IN" ports.
The aesthetic powder-coated aluminum housing in white is ideally suited to the design of devices from the Cloud Core Router series by MikroTik. Rack holders give the possibility of mounting a compartment's stain.

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